Request for membership in the SSWA - active members


The SSWA is a professional association for women artists. Joining the SSWA is done in two steps, by sending the candidate's personal file and by providing original works. The jury meets once a year. The complete files must be sent by the 31st of July.

Registration with the section presidents

The interested artist notifies the president of her region. She becomes informed about the regulations and the admission form on this website or requests these documents by the post.  She sends the forms, her curriculum vitae and her personal file to the president of her future section. The file consists of her CV, at least 10 photos of her works with detailed information on her technique, the format of these works, and the year of their creation. The selection committee takes charge of the file and contacts the candidate if necessary.

Presentation of 3 to 5 original works to the jury

At a previously set date, the candidate presents from 3 to 5 original works to the jury. The jury is made up of the central committee and one external commissioner who is an expert in visual arts.

Admission criterion

The admission criterion focuses on the artistic quality of the set of the artist's works, namely, the expressiveness, the intensity, the creativity, the knowledge of the technique used and the combination of these diverse aspects.

An active member must have Swiss citizenship or be resident in Switzerland or cooperate closely with the artistic environment or be a recognized refugee.

The artists who are members of visarte desiring to join the SSWA can present a file to the central committee without passing by the jury.

Belonging to the regional or national level

Each active member belongs automatically to a section (Basel, Bern, French Switzerland, Zurich) and to the Swiss association of the SSWA. The candidates from the Tessin or Grisons choose their section themselves.

The annual fee for an active member is CHF 250.-

Admission regulation (German)

Registration (German)