Regulations Gertrud Schlatter / Hanni Pfister / Art et Santé Gèneve-Fonds SGBK/SSFA


Gertrud Schlatter, an active member of the Swiss Society of Women Artists in the Visual Arts, SGBK, bequeathed a part of her estate to the SGBK in 1981.

This fund was intended to support women artists who needed work stays and rest holidays.

To this was added the bequest of Hanni Pfister and of another woman artist who does not want to be named.

Nowadays, the Gertrud Schlatter / Hanni Pfister / Art et Santé Genève-Fonds SGBK/SSFA are used to finance work grants, contributions to artworks, aid for renting ateliers, contributions to exhibitions and are still used for work stays and rest holidays as well as for numerous projects organized by the SGBK for women artists.

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