Social Security

The Foundation Daily Allowance Fund for Visual Artists is put at the disposal of active members. The purpose of this institution is to operate the daily allowance insurance for the benefit of visual artists. The Swiss Federal Law on Health Insurance (KVG) and the regulations of the Daily Allowance Fund are the decisive factors in this case. This and further information can be found at

For active members, there is also a Support Fund. The purpose of this institution is to provide financial support to artists or their surviving dependants in the event of economic hardship through no fault of their own. The Support Fund is mainly financed by compulsory charges and donations.

For more information on the Support Fund, please access the regulations at

The Support Fund for visual artists represents the concerns of the SGBK Switzerland.

Other social organizations that aid artists include:

  • Suisseculture Sociale. In addition to counselling, it also offers a Social Fund for artists in need. For further details see,
  • emergency aid for cultural workers over the age of 40, at,
  • Cultural Fund (formerly the Pro Arte Foundation and the Gleyre Foundation), supervised by the Federal Office of Culture. This has an artistic and social character and aims to support and promote Swiss* professional visual artists who are in financially difficult situations.
    *Individuals who either have Swiss nationality, have resided in Switzerland for at least five years or are married to a Swiss citizen, for further details see