The Swiss Society of Female Artists, SGBK Switzerland, joined the Music and Education pension fund in 2010, tailored for everyone who deals professionally with music, movement, education and art.
As an artist, you are interested in being able to draw on sufficient occupational benefits under the second pillar in addition to the benefits under the first pillar. Thanks to our preventive care offer, you will come a step closer to this goal.

Provision for part-time or multiple employees (MV)

In particular, the topic of multiple or part-time employment with small workloads is omnipresent among the affiliated associations (including the SGBK). In accordance with the basic provisions of the BVG (Federal Law on Occupational Pensions), income below the entry threshold is not insured. The pension solution of the music and education pension fund is tailored to this problem by insuring the entire annual AHV salary without a coordination deduction, i.e. also income from small stints from part-time or multiple artists. The music and education pension fund offers the MV pension plan for this purpose.

You can find out more about the details in the MV guide at

The music and education pension fund offers customized pension plans to employees who are members of one of its affiliated associations. Any person with one or more employment relationships and a total annual income above the BVG entry threshold (2021: from CHF 21,510) can be insured. If the total income is below this entry threshold, purely voluntary insurance can also be taken out with the consent of the employer.

Provision for the self-employed (SE)

Income from self-employment is not subject to mandatory occupational pensions. The pension fund is available to the members of the SGBK, namely as an occupational pension institution within the meaning of Art. 44 BVG (voluntary occupational pension scheme) to insure income from self-employment. This can be insured in the SE pension plan. The retirement assets saved in this pension plan are non-mandatory.

The SE guidelines will provide you with details at