The atelier is not only a place of creation, but also a place where everything is accumulated and stored. Often over years, decades, and many creative phases. At some point, the question inevitably arising is “What is going to happen to my artistic work once I will be not here anymore?” Ideally, the work has been arranged, documented, a catalogue raisonné has been compiled and the artwork fate has been decided. Otherwise, the heirs or even third parties will have to decide on the work, which often involves a large overload.

In this context, it is recommended to consult the practice-oriented guidebook of the SIK-ISEA, see

In the meantime, various initiatives, associations, and companies have been formed in Switzerland to take care of artists' estates:

– Society for the Administration of Estates of Swiss Women Artists,
ART Estate Foundation,
Gallery for artists' estates,
the Region of Basel,