women’s promotion

The SGBK Switzerland is closely networked with the Gosteli Foundation, the Society for Estate Administration ArchivArte in Bern, alliance_F and the Swiss Institute for Art Studies SIK-ISEA. As a Switzerland-wide forum of women artists and for women artists, the SGBK proactively pursues women-specific goals in the art scene.

The SGBK Switzerland

  • organizes national and regional exhibitions for women artists,
  • evaluates the current socio-political situation of women artists in a critical and motivating way,
  • offers legal advice in various relevant areas,
  • provides information on copyright and cultural policy issues,
  • offers the possibility to join the Pension Fund,
  • undertakes social tasks, also as a member of the Daily Allowance Fund and the Support Fund under the umbrella of Swiss Life,
  • pursues the Women Artists' Documentation project in consultation with the SIK-ISEA,
  • contributes to the scientific recording of the work of women's associations,
  • offers various benefits or discounts.

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