The emergency aid via Suisseculture Sociale will also be continued under the Covid-19 law. Full-time cultural workers residing in Switzerland can submit an application here since Thursday, 5 November 2020. We recommend all eligible cultural workers who are in financial distress to submit an application now. A person financing at least half of his or her living expenses with his or her artistic activity or spending at least half of the regular working hours on artistic activity is still considered full-time in the cultural sector. It is therefore not relevant which status (self-employed, employed, “freelance”) one has.

Applications to UF/TGK

Options regarding the daily allowance fund and support fund: With the daily allowance fund for visual artists, you are entitled to daily allowance in accordance with the guidelines of the regulations (which you can find in the appendix). According to the provisions of the law, the daily allowance fund is not authorized to pay benefits that go beyond the regulatory framework. Information on the Taggeldkasse (regulations and guidelines) can also be found at The purpose of the support fund is to support artists or their survivors in the event of an economic emergency through no fault of their own. For the benefits of the support fund, its regulations are authoritative. Information on the support fund (regulations and guidelines) can also be found at Due to the current circumstances, applications can only be processed electronically to For more information see

Applications to AHV compensation offices

The forms are already available at Please select the compensation office responsible for your canton. The applications can also be, printed and filled out, forwarded to the compensation office by e-mail.

Applications to Suisse Culture Social Due to the forms not ready yet, the latest information can be found on the Suisse Culture Social website.